Richland Twp Est 1869
Richland Twp Est. 1869

Township Office Hours

Supervisor and Treasurer – Tuesday and Thursday 9am-12pm

Clerk – Tuesday and Thursday 5:30pm-8pm

Please leave a message during non-business hours and we will return your call.

All 2021 Regular Board Meetings start at 6:30 p.m. the Thursday following the first Tuesday.

January 6th – Township Board

Feb 1st – Planning Committee Public Hearing

February 3rd – Township Board

March 3rd – Township Board

March 8th – Board of Review (Organizational Meeting – no appeals will be heard)

March 14th – Board of Review

March 15th – Board of Review

March 31st – Township Budget Meeting

April 7th – Township Board

May 5th – Township Board

June 9th – Township Board

July 7th – Township Board

July 19th – Board of Review

August 4th – Township Board

September 8th – Township Board

October 6th – Township Board

November 3rd – Township Board

December 8th – Township Board

December 13th – Board of Review

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