Sexton position is open for immediate filling. Please contact the Township if interested in applying.


  1. All flowers, decorations, flower pots, and urns must remain on footings. Do not place earlier than May 1st and must be removed no later than October 1st. 
  2. No flowers, shrubs, trees, vegetation of any type shall be planted outside of an urn.
  3. Grave blankets will be removed by April 1st.
  4. Mounds, bricks, blocks, and any borders that hinder lawn mowing and/or other gardening apparatus are prohibited. 
  5. No glass containers.
  6. Trimming and/or removal of shrub, trees, etc will be at the discretion of the Township. 
  7. All grass seeding and foundations will be installed by the Township.
  8. Surfaces other than earth or sod are prohibited. 
  9. The Township shall have the right to remove any items that become unsightly due to decay, deterioration, or damage. 
  10. Military flags will be placed before Memorial Day and removed after the Fourth of July by the Township Board. 

For Richland Township Cemetery questions, please contact Cal Callison at 989-807-0088 or Laurie Darmody at 989-833-8022.

If you are looking to clean your families headstone(s), it is recommended that you use the below link for a short “How to.”


For grave blankets or flowers for your families headstone(s), please contact Home Grown Industries. Their website is listed below.


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